Recently we had the opportunity to visit Facebook at their corporate office in Austin, Texas.

Austin is the office that handles a large portion of the paid advertising communications with clients…in other words, Facebook and Instagram ads.

We spend a large portion of our advertising budget on Facebook and Instagram ads and they are a huge driver for our business.

So, when the invite was extended to us to meet in person and tour the office, we couldn’t pass it up!

Facebook and Instagram ads are a great way for us to find new potential students for our courses and also raise awareness for our blog and blog posts.

The Facebook office itself was very impressive! The idea is to provide the employees with a comfortable and friendly environment.

The whole Reese Family was invited and all of us were blown away.

We dined in the cafeteria with our Facebook rep which featured plenty of healthy options and drinks. There are also snack areas throughout the office that reminded me of mini convenience stores.

It should be noted that these things are all complimentary to all the employees (and visitors) which made for a super fun trip.

They even have fun photo opportunities throughout the office like this “mini-office”.

As well as this Instagram photo area…

And lots of fun murals…

Although the tour of the office was super fun, the highlight of the trip (at least for me) was discussing some strategies and specific things we could do with our ad account in order to increase the effectiveness of our ads.

We left with some actionable advice that are already producing better results for us.

Before leaving, we even got to write on the walls. I just had to leave my¬†Instagram name…haha! I wonder if they painted over it yet?

Make sure to watch the video where we explain some of the tips we got on improving our Facebook and Instagram ad performance.